EQUESTRIAN development

At The Rural Planning Practice we have an in-depth knowledge of the equestrian world. We understand the goals and challenges faced by riding schools, liveries, competition riders and equestrian businesses.

Commonly, all equestrian use will require planning permission including a change of use or any land and full planning permission for all new structures.

It is permissible to put stables up within the curtilage of a private dwelling without planning (under Permitted Development Rights) but any land used for grazing or exercising may need a ‘change of use’ application. If you own existing barns on agricultural land that you wish to convert to stables it may be required to obtain permission. Change of Use can occur within a class of building or when the land or building is changing from one classification to another.

The keeping of horses for personal enjoyment may not be required to obtain planning permission to build stables. This is down to Permitted Development Rights enabling you to build adjacent to your house, however, these rights only apply if the stables are within a specific size.  Your horses must be used privately for leisure and not as a business, such as a riding school or livery. An alternative possibility is to use temporary structures instead of obtaining full planning for stables. Field shelters, on skids, can be used without planning permission as long as specified guidelines are met.

Equestrian events are allowed without the need to apply for planning permission as long as certain conditions are met. Events, such as gymkhanas and cross country events, should be for no longer than 28 days per year. Furthermore, all related structures to the event must be removed after the event is finished and be stored elsewhere. This time includes the setting up and clearing up of any events.

Our team is experienced in supporting all types of equestrian clients whether for business or private use during the planning process.