21 Jun Indoor School for Dressage Rider

When we were first involved in this case most of the stable yard with 20 boxes, staff accommodation, wash down and storage had no planning permission. The only permission was for the non commercial use of five boxes and the sand school.

Despite the lack of planning permission, the yard is a thriving livery business, as well as a successful coaching business using a dressage simulator combined with teaching on clients’ horses.

The first step to regularise the yard was to prepare a Certificate of Lawful Use for Development to secure immunity from planning enforcement of the existing buildings for commercial use. This involves careful consideration of known dates, inspection of aerial photographs, finding receipts, obtaining letters from clients or those that have visited the property to show the buildings had been in situ for more than four years, and the commercial use has been subsisting for longer than ten years. Attention to detail is essential to ensure there are no gaps and the evidence is consistent.

In this case the certificate was submitted and granted.

With this place we then prepared the application for the indoor school to be used for teaching and by livery clients. We carefully addressed the possible areas of concern which included traffic and the landscape impact as well as providing a clear explanation as to how the building will make a considerable difference to the functioning of the business in all weathers, all year round, with a consequent beneficial impact on its profitability.

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