Local Plan Submissions

We are experienced in promoting land for development for residential as well as non-residential uses.

Land promotion can be achieved through a positive engagement with Local Planning Authorities, but at times takes place at a more local level. We will advise you of the most suitable way forward and provide professional direction at each step. The planning system is plan-led and promoting your site is therefore critical especially for larger sites that may be suitable for many new homes or new commercial developments. 


By promoting your land, the Local Planning Authority will know that your land is available and ready to be considered. However, if not promoted correctly your land may be discounted in the early stages of the Local Plan preparation process. Promoting your site with The RPP is a simple, cost-effective, and reliable way to understand the long-term development prospects of your site.

Our team has extensive experience in Local Plan submissions, as well as those on more local levels, including Neighbourhood Development Plans.

After assessing the site to see if it has any planning potential, we will advise you of the various options available to you, and how to proceed with the promotion through the planning system.