We are experienced in promoting land for development. Our team assists our clients to achieve planning permission. We will advise you of the most suitable way forward and provide professional direction at each step.

Promoting your site is critical if you want it to be recognised for future development, especially larger sites that may be suitable for many new homes or new commercial developments. By promoting your land, the Local Planning Authorities will know that your land is available and ready to be considered. However, if it is not promoted correctly, it is unpromising that the land will be considered at all.  Each Local Planning Authority has its unique plans for growth within their area by recognising the locations where future development will be established and choosing what scale of development is most suitable for the site. 

Those become land ‘allocations’ and are set out in documents called Local Plans (also called ‘Core Strategies’ in some areas). Also, to identify development land, Local Plans set the planning policies that control development – these are the rules used to decide planning applications. 

Promoting your site with The RPP is a simple, cost-effective, and reliable way. First, we will assess the site to see if it has planning potential. If we find potential, we will advise you of the various options available to you to proceed with planning permission.