21 Jun Permission Granted for House to Support International Event Rider

This is a long story with a happy outcome!

This rider has a well established competition yard within an American barn. The planning history was difficult because permission for the barn had been granted under an agricultural notification and the rural advisor took issue with the equestrian use. Modest accommodation (about 30 square metres) within the barn had been allowed as accommodation but was very cramped and wholly unsuitable for a young family.

The rider was not party to the application for the barn, but urgently needed a roof over her head for her family.

The first application was for a log cabin, but this was not the route the planners wanted to see in case the stables and log cabin were separated at a later date.

Further discussion took place and the planning authority agreed the barn could be extended to provide a house of 170 square metres, a rather better outcome than the log cabin originally proposed.

This case illustrates the Rural Planning Practice’s tenacious approach, ability to think outside the box and to negotiate. Our knowledge of equestrian business enables us to present a good case for clients and fight their corner.