Residential Development

All local authorities have their own set of policies and requirements which respond to the character and needs of their local area. An application that is accepted in one area may be refused in another.


Your application for residential development has to demonstrate how it accords with both national and local planning policy. You will be required to submit plans outlining the development you are proposing, along with any supporting documentation, completed application forms, and the correct planning fee payable to the Local Planning Authority. Supporting documents generally consist of location and site plans, ownership and agricultural holdings certificates, and in most instances a design and access statement which shows the proposed development and its layout. 


Depending on the complexity and size of the proposal, other supporting documents may be required, some of which may require input from other technical consultants. 


If you require any assistance or advice with the process of obtaining planning permission for residential development, please get in contactWe have many years of experience in how the planning process works and can offer you guidance as to what will be the most suitable route to achieve your goal.