Site Assessments

A site assessment is a useful tool for identifying the need for any associated supporting reports which may be required to support a future planning application.

The site assessment includes a full review of the physical, environmental, policy constraints, history of the site, and planning history.

Our team has a thorough understanding of planning policy and legislation, and how these communicate in the rural and urban context. We closely follow Government’s guidance and updates and can highlight their impact on future development. 

The assessment will provide the client the potential for development and recommendations for future development. We will outline the most suitable planning strategy, using our in-depth research and knowledge of local and national planning policies, and planning legislation. Where possible, we always consider the most realistic and achievable development option either through the permitted development route or by using full planning submissions to the relevant Local Planning Authority.

The fee for this service is bespoke and will reflect the size of the site, as well as the complexity of the project.