28 Feb Successful Application for a Detached Double Bay Garage in the Grounds of a Grade II Listed converted Oast.

An application was made on behalf of our client for an application a detached double bay garage and additional storage.

This application was for the erection of a detached double bay garage and store to provide secure covered space for cars, bicycles, mowers, etc., and additional storage within the grounds of a Grade II Listed converted Oast.

With the remote location of the property travelling by car is the only option to reach essential services and work. All residents, being adults with driving licences and having independent lives require secure accommodation for vehicles and bicycles, along with additional storage spaces for domestic and gardening equipment.

Our team were able to demonstrate that the proposed garage will provide much needed space for vehicles and storage and would not impact on the fabric of the Oast. Although the proposed building will be visible from the oast, its siting, subservient size, and materials will ensure it sits well in the rural surroundings.

The proposed building was carefully designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and reflects the traditional buildings of the area. The proposed building would have a sense of being rooted in its landscape, retaining a sense of the former agricultural use. Its character is thus consistent with its rural location.

Our team was able to demonstrate that the proposal satisfies both national and local planning policies.

The council approved the application.