Farm Diversification

The exit from the EU and emergence of ELMS means many farmers and landowners are looking at new ways to increase profitability. For some farmers with access to good infrastructure this may simply mean growing crops or producing livestock where yields can be achieved, or regenerative agriculture can help the bottom line with fewer inputs. For others diversification can be an essential part of a holding’s financial survival.

Diversification can take many forms including use of areas for Biodiversity Net Gain, species relocation, renewable energy, tourism, wedding venues, business units, storage, retail or equestrian use to name but a few.

The decision to diversify clearly needs a sound business case as well as an appetite for the type of enterprise that is being considered.

Planning is often the next hurdle.

The RPP is used to assessing sites, often in sensitive locations, for clients to help the decision-making process.

Once a decision has been made, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise to design and support planning applications for many types of businesses.


Agriculture, Forestry and Other Rural Businesses

We have significant experience in supporting a wide range of rural businesses including farms, vineyards, micro-breweries, farriers’ forges, saddle makers and biochar producers.

Rural tourism is thriving, and holiday lets can be a useful income stream for landowners. We have a proven track record in this field ranging from conversions of existing redundant buildings to the stationing of shepherds’ huts as tourist accommodation and other forms of glamping.

Some businesses may require accommodation for a rural worker. Making a case for this requires detailed understanding of the business and the local area.  A compelling case needs to be made that there is a functional need for someone to live on site and that the business is viable. We are well placed to advise having undertaken many such applications.

Crop Field

Shoots & Game Rearing

Game rearing is classed as non-agriculture in planning terms, the exemptions from planning controls and business rates that agriculture enjoys don’t generally apply to land used principally for shooting.

If you are considering rearing on your land that was once agricultural, you will need to apply for change of use, as well as planning permission for any permanent buildings or structures.

Our team can provide a site assessment of the planning options for game farms, shoot grounds, and drives. We can advise on the different locations on the farm that could have a greater chance of being approved and conservation matters and biodiversity enhancements that will be a necessary consideration with any application.

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A Recent Rural Project

Case Study

Nov 2023

Permission Granted for HUF house and lake

We are delighted to have secured permission for a substantial HUF house and lake in a rural location near Cranbrook. The house, located in the AONB, incorporates sustainable construction with plenty of biodiversity enhancement. CGI image courtesy of Peter Huf Architecture #dreamhouse #sustainablearchitecture #ruralproperty #rtpi #rics